The Nestlé Smarties Fanlisting

More About Smarties

Smarties were originally made by Rowntree's and called Chocolate Beans. Rowntree's sold them from 1882 until 1937, when Nestlé took over and renamed them Smarties. They are now one of Nestlé's oldest brands.

Smarties come in eight colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and brown. In 2006, Smarties changed from using artificial colourings to using natural colourings and the blue was replaced for a while by white in some countries while a natural blue colouring was researched. This was certainly the case in the UK, where I live.

All Smarties contain milk chocolate, but the orange coloured ones are different because they contain orange flavoured chocolate. The orange flavouring comes from natural orange oil.

For even more information about Smarties, have a look at the Wikipedia article.

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